How To Start Using Creatine Supplements – The Basics!

If increasing the intensity of your workouts is one of your goals, then it’s likely your at least a little familiar with creatine supplements. If you haven’t read about them, now is the time!

One of the first and most important things to know is this: Creatine and steroids aren’t the same thing. Creatine is something already created by the human body to supply energy to the muscles. This substance can also be added to the body by eating certain foods orĀ Andarine s4 sarm for sale online taking dietary supplements. What exactly does creatine do for muscle-building? When you engange in intense physical activity such as weight-lifting, the human body produces a substance called Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, to provide energy to your muscles. Adenosine Triphosphate runs out quickly, but the body can convert creatine into more ATP.

What Will Creatine Supplements Do For My Goals?

Bodybuilding supplements such as creatine are used to boost your workouts’ effectiveness and not meant to replace plain ol’ hard work. The important process of converting creatine in the body to additional energy can mean a few things for your workout regimen:

  • A boost in the intensity of your workouts
  • More frequent training

Adding to the creatine in your body gives your workout, and the results from it, a boost.

Should I “Load” Creatine?

Loading means saturating your body with creatine supplements for a limited amount of time, then keeping those levels up with a smaller intake. Like many bodybuilding supplements, creatine should be taken in phases — a loading phase, followed by a maintenance phase, and finishing with an off phase where no supplement is taken.

The idea of cycling is to let the body continue a normal production of creatine and not start to depend entirely on supplements. Remember, bodybuilding supplements are meant to give a boost to your body’s normal process rather than replace it.

Suggestions for how long loading and maintenance phases should last varies quite a bit. An example of what a cycle might look like is this: Loading phase — 5 days; Maintenance – 6 weeks; Off – 4 weeks.

What Is The Recommended Creatine Dose?

Instructions will vary according to the different forms of creatine supplements that are available, and you should pay close attention to what the specific instructions for whichever form you select. One example of what a daily dose might be, based on a 5-day loading phase followed by a maintenance phase, is:

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